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Keys to producing whole-life wealth with Rock Thomas

Keys to producing whole-life wealth with Rock Thomas

Entrepreneur and bestselling writer – Rock Thomas

I’m thrilled to have Rock Thomas on the show. Rock is a self-made millionaire and the World’s #1 Entire-Life-Success Skilled.

Rock runs several businesses and six award-winning RE/MAS franchises. After attaining great financial success, he embarked on his private progress journey via traveling the world and learning beneath acclaimed academics like Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Deepak Chopra, John Gray, David Deida, David Wolfe, Jack Canfield, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Stephen Covey.

After experiencing and absolutely understanding all what he discovered and speaking to individuals from totally different walks of life, he based Rock Thomas International to deliver the best-of-the-best to the world. His packages mix his in depth information about private improvement with cutting-edge success formulas designed to supply whole-life wealth.

As seen on Goalcast, Rock Thomas has touched over 70 million lives, created the #theIAMmovement and is called the person who will show you how to redefine your life.

Episode Highlights:

  • Instruments to creating large transformation in your life
  • 7 master steps to vary and one thing that neurologically works for reworking trauma
  • Keys to growing clarity by way of asking higher inner questions
  • How journaling in evaluate is the important thing to altering conduct

The Energy of Your Id

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Jaime: Welcome to Eventual Millionaire. I’m Jaime Masters. And at this time on the present, we now have Rock Thomas. He has a tremendous identify. You’re all the time going to remember his URL He also has had six award profitable Remax franchises plus is a serial entrepreneur plus has an entire teaching superb master mind. Thank you a lot for coming on the present as we speak.

Rock: I’m stoked to be here. I simply love what you’re doing.

Jaime: Properly, it seems like we do very, very comparable things. So, tell me what your mission in life is because, apparently, it’s very similar to mine so, please.

Rock: I’ve had several totally different missions. Individuals are like how do you discover your function. And I feel that it modifications rather a lot over time. The newest function that I discovered was once I was around 50, I’m 56 now, which is to assist different individuals principally get out of the rat race by creating passive revenue automobiles with out giving up their health or their relationships. So, we call it the entire life millionaire and the journey to turning into a 100 percenter, which signifies that 100 % of your fastened expenses are coated by cash that comes in when you’re sleeping. And then, in that process, what we discovered is all of people’s limiting beliefs and their trauma from their childhood come to the floor.

And that’s once I rub my palms collectively and I get to cope with that. So, we type of trick individuals into saying we’re going that will help you grow to be a millionaire and we get to work on the great things.

Jaime: And everybody proper now’s going, “Oh, I absolutely love that,” because that’s kind of the whole premise of the show, too. It’s about the whole life aspect of issues. So, how did you come to that? Tell me just a little bit about your story and why you pay so much consideration to the entire life piece and never just the money.

Rock: Nicely, my father died of cancer once I was in my late 20s and I took two years to maintain him. And I misplaced what was by then 20 years of onerous work. I constructed up three properties. I had a relationship, a young kid. I lost it all. I ended up again on, it sounds so cliché, on my mom’s sofa in debt. However my father was good at creating wealth. He was horrible at managing it. So, he had big government debt. And he commissioned or taxed me with the job of paying it off so that his wife wouldn’t have to fret about that. So, I discovered lots about mismanagement of money, about making it isn’t the answer.
It’s about making it, managing it, and investing it. It’s about having a money blueprint that you simply’re conscious of. And because he died of most cancers and colon cancer, I started to review well being. And I noticed that there are primarily three issues you’ll want to maintain. 1) Is you could train and transfer your body. Our our bodies are supposed to move. 2) Is what you set in your physique goes to determine loads of what your physique has to do to course of it. So, I eat actually, really wholesome. And the third factor is your angle. In case you are unfavourable, cranky, upset, pissed off, bitter, you create acid in your body, which kills and assaults cells, which creates cancer.

So, I assumed learning all of that at a very high worth, which was the loss of my father and the lack of principally every little thing I had constructed up, I’d as nicely use that lesson to teach other those that there’s a greater means. They usually don’t train it in class. And I’ve discovered via my expertise. And so, ache typically breeds passion. And that’s actually the place it came from.

Jaime: I really like this as a result of one of the issues we don’t speak a ton about is how a lot well being really impacts your small business. And I’m a business coach, too. So, I know whenever you truly take a look at the background of every thing, the business might be okay. However if you truly pay attention to the background, in the event that they’re not feeling okay, their business isn’t okay. And I do know it’s onerous as a result of we often try to separate the two. Nicely, it’s completely totally different. I’m on the entrepreneur weight loss plan. I eat every time I probably can. So, are you able to give us some recommendations on the best way to handle that once we already really feel so overfull in a schedule that we will’t predict?

Rock: Yeah. So, I all the time consider tools. What is the device that may create the transformation? Because info is all over the place. You might just Google what do profitable individuals do. Nicely, they get within the fitness center they usually work out. But that doesn’t provide help to as a result of your story is I don’t have the time, I don’t have the cash. So, the instruments we use are what’s your morning routine and what’s your evening routine. And on Sundays, we now have a system where you’re taking 90 minutes to plan your week, which could embrace filling your automotive up with fuel, resourcing all the belongings you need.

And in some instances, it’s making eight salads in Tupperware together with your salmon and your hen or whatever you need, that’s what I might so that you simply’re not hangry in the course of the week. So, you’re not, as an entrepreneur, at 2:00 within the afternoon racing out to McDonald’s, spending cash, consuming poorly, and losing time. So, we’ve plenty of little techniques that give individuals what I name the sting. And your morning routine is designed to agitate the cells of your body and your thoughts in a constructive method, to fire up, to prime, to get you set for the battle of the day, to convey all of you forward.

And there are totally different methodologies we use for that, meditation, motion, journaling, studying, incantations, affirmations to set the tone. We all hold a thought in our mind. And if it’s held long sufficient with enough power, it gets deposited into the submitting cupboard referred to as your unconscious thoughts. I’m lazy, I’m lazy, I’m lazy, I don’t have sufficient time, I don’t have enough time. It becomes your id and then, you live into that. So, we train individuals methodologies to carry a better thought, a greater idea, a better vision to redefine who they are. I’m an entire life millionaire. What does that appear to be?

Describe it. Hold it in your thought. Speak about it with different folks that help you and then, shift who you’re over time and create a brand new end result.

Jaime: It sounds so cliché. Everyone seems to be like, in fact, it’s the foundational stuff. We’re alleged to eat. We’re purported to exercise. But are you truly doing it, individuals, right now? Because no offense, I speak to plenty of you. And so, I would like you to actually, actually open your eyes. We simply had Hal Elrod here at the Miracle Morning, I’m positive you in all probability know him, back on the present. He’s an excellent good friend of mine that lives right here in Austin. So, he talks all about that. So, once we’re shifting into making an attempt to stick with it because Hal will depart a UFC struggle earlier than the primary occasion so he can go to sleep.

I’m not going to try this, sadly. I need to see the entire occasion to not wake up at Three:00 within the morning. So, how can we truly – or your individuals, how do they actually work out what their morning routine is?

Rock: Yeah. So, Hal is an effective good friend of mine and he’s been a cornerstone of a few of the teachings that we’ve got. We train individuals the Miracle Morning. I discovered so much from Tony Robbins earlier than figuring out Hal concerning the hour of power and priming. But they’re, primarily, numerous the same ideas. And I feel that the piece that Hal talks about that most individuals, I feel, gloss over is what I might name visualization. And most of the people visualize things in a unfavourable approach. It’s referred to as worry.

Jaime: Yeah.
Rock: They consider all the issues they don’t need to have happen. I don’t need to get stuck in visitors. I don’t need to work for a boss that sucks. I don’t need to have the contract not work out. I don’t need to not make love tonight. So, what you concentrate on becomes your world. So, the facility of visualization is to start to assume and get clear on what’s necessary to you. and as you do this, you start to appeal to it to your self. And that’s so, once more, cliché, delicate that for the person who isn’t a hungry learner – see, most individuals that I do know like your self, myself, Hal, and other people like Tony Robbins, they search for the excellence.

They look for the quarter inch turn. They search for the little factor that most individuals don’t discover. I keep in mind sitting beside Tony Robbins once we have been listening to Deepak Chopra at a really personal occasion that I was part of. I signed up for his platinum companion. And he was sitting there beside me, literally proper beside me, tearing up the papers writing notes whereas Deepak was speaking. And I used to be taking notes. And I think about myself an amazing scholar. However I’m taking a look at him and I’m like what am I missing. Why is he so captivated with this? And I had a chance to speak to him one on one afterwards.

And I stated, “Tony, I’ve heard you train what Deepak was talking about. You realize that already. What was happening? You have been tearing pages. I don’t assume you’ll be able to even learn it you have been just have been writing so quick.” And he says, “Rock, once I take heed to a speaker, I’m in search of a distinction, a nuance, one thing that I didn’t seize before so I can take it, deliver it into the cells of my body after which, share it with different individuals and alter their life.” And I checked out him, and I went, “That’s friggin’ awesome.” And I feel that most individuals are like yeah, morning routine, visualization, yeah, I do know that. Not going to work.

You’ve acquired to go like oh, my God, are you kidding? Visualization? Okay, I’m going to take up meditation. I commit to it. I’m going to tell 10 individuals. I’m going to do it for the subsequent 30 days or whatever it’s and I’m going to see what happens. I’m going to purchase all in. And that’s what creates transformation. However most people don’t get that enthusiastic about life as a result of they’re brainwashed to stay a very mediocre, protected life.

Jaime: You do an excellent Tony Robbins impression simply as a aspect notice. But what I need to deliver up though is because we’re pre-conditioned as you’re saying and so one of the fascinating things as a coach, too, is you possibly can discover trauma up to now. I even advocate trauma coaches, especially whenever you bump up towards one thing and also you’re like okay, this is one thing that you want to speak to anyone about or remedy or no matter. So, how do you perceive the place that line is of hey, they’re shifting alongside of their enterprise, this can be a prepatterned factor that’s stopping them?

Rock: So, I’m a Tony Robbins coach. I’ve achieved 74 events with Tony. And one thing that I discovered there was the seven grasp steps to vary. And one of the things that neurologically works for reworking trauma, and I also agree with you, I ship individuals to Landmark and I consider that you’ll want to work with specialists in certain areas because, again, in case you had trauma, trauma could possibly be described as a surge of power that your system can’t handle. And it breaks stuff inside. After which, every time you go back to something comparable, your system is broke. And it notices that and it goes I’m alone in a room with a man.

The final time that happened I received raped. Emergency lights, I can’t perform, I freak out or whatever the case may be. I used to be requested to face up in entrance of my class at 5 years previous they usually laughed at me because my fly was open. And now, I by no means need to do public speaking again. So, this stuff happen. What I do is I exploit the know-how in neuroplasticity or neuroscience, which is breaking individuals’s sample and changing and importing a new pattern. So, typically, it’s a must to go to it and you must let individuals go through the shame and the anger and that course of. But typically, you possibly can simply upload a new expertise, change the which means of that event.

So, let’s say anyone received a flat tire they usually missed a very necessary appointment. Nicely, you’ll be able to change that experience by saying next time you get a flat tire, put the music up and dance like it’s 1999. And alter the which means of that experience because that previous expertise truly is lifeless and gone. You’re just replaying it. And that’s the method that I exploit.

Jaime: Do you’ve got any examples of this, too? Because what I discovered is it’s truly smaller – it’s not loopy, nutso issues that you simply keep in mind that you are feeling such as you have been traumatized from. It’s like small, little things where you’re like huh, and it comes up as you’re going by way of and building your small business as you recognize. You start pushing them ahead. And it’s like oh, wait, there are little, small things. How do you work those out or do you’ve gotten any examples of how individuals can really undergo that?

Rock: Sure. Have you learnt Mel Robbins, right, 5-Three-2-1- go?

Jaime: Yeah.

Rock: I feel that it’s 10 seconds of braveness that modifications your life. I’ll offer you a small and an enormous example. A small one is you’re standing in line at Starbuck’s, and you need to say whats up to the individual in entrance of you, give them a compliment or one thing, but you assume I’m going to look weird. Otherwise you’re on the fitness center, and also you need to say one thing to someone, “My God, you look actually awesome. I really like your biceps,” or no matter it is. I’ve these feelings like that man is killing it. I just need to give the man a excessive 5. However he’s acquired his ear plugs in and I’m like I’m going to return throughout – he gained’t hear me.

It’s going to look bizarre or no matter. So, I stop. So, I feel at that moment, there’s a gap that 10 seconds of braveness, say sure, figure it out later. Just take motion. So, we will do these little issues. The bigger factor is one thing like once I was younger, my brother referred to as me pizza face as a result of I had lots of pimples. And his aim was to make himself feel better and larger. He was shorter than me and so he needed to convey me down and make himself feel better. So, he chipped away at me. Properly, the issue is that I repeated pizza face to myself hundreds of occasions. He recommended it, I repeated it. I seemed within the mirror each day for a superb 20 years and I assumed I’m ugly.

No one likes me, they’re laughing at me, they’re taking a look at my face considering that’s disgusting. And I constructed a mountain out of a mole hill. So, I discovered that labels are just ideas and that in case you’re prepared to, you’ll be able to change them. So, let’s say that your mother and father prompt to you she’s shy, Jaime is shy, as a result of someday, you didn’t’ say anything when introduced to some individuals. You have been pissed off since you didn’t have your favorite gown on. I don’t know. But she says you’re shy. And also you’re like shy? What’s shy? And then, you study what shy is and also you go, “Nicely, mommy stated I’m shy so I assume I just gained’t speak.”

And also you develop that label but you’re not likely shy. So, I went from pizza face to picking an example of someone that I admired, Clint Eastwood, changed the label. And I went from pizza face to ruggedly handsome. And that turned my new id. And I wrote a e-book referred to as The Power of Your Id due to that evolution. I went from working onerous to working sensible. I went from carpenter to gross sales individual. So, you’ll be able to select any new label. And when you’re prepared to only pour the power via your visualization, your incantations, your affirmations, your journaling, you’re experiencing it with your self.

You’re romancing a brand new a part of your self. You’ll be able to go from being boring to humorous. You’ll be able to go do whatever you want when you’re prepared to spend money on importing new software program. And that’s really an enormous part of what I train. You go from being anyone who’s an employee to an entrepreneur and an entire life millionaire. But should you don’t redefine yourself on the inside, Jaime, you’ll never change on the surface because the programming will come back.

Jaime: All the time. It’s a pain in the butt that we’re a lot like computer systems.

Rock: I do know. I do know.

Jaime: Why isn’t this simpler?

Rock: We’ve obtained to defrag ourselves and get the viruses out.

Jaime: Actually. I’m a geek so sure, that’s precisely what we now have to do. So, it’s fascinating though. You say the facility of your id. I really like that. How do you determine what to work on although? Like I need to be every part that’s better. How do you determine which ones to install first or which path to go down?

Rock: So, in my guide, I divide my life up into eight areas, eight gardens. Profession, funds, spirituality, life type, hobbies, relationships, and so on. And then, I often every week set a aim. And I choose an area that I need to elevate myself. So, it could be as simple as in my hobbies, I’m going to work on my tennis recreation for the subsequent 90 days and this week, I’m going to take two lessons. And I’m going to work particularly on my backhand. So, it’s very useful.

Nevertheless it may be that perhaps this week, I’m also going to be extra playful. So, given the chance, I’m going to bop or leap around or climb into my automotive from the passenger’s seat or do little issues which are playful like a kid. And then, I just have that consciousness up there. So, I take a look at it like this. Your larger self, describe yourself in your optimal method. Who would you be in your greatest self? So, right now, I play the drums however I’m studying the right way to play the piano. And I’m enjoying this music Shallow from A Star is Born. Have you ever heard that track?

Jaime: Yes.
Rock: And it’s an incredible music. And I’ve spent in all probability every week, an hour and a half a day, and I’ve just about obtained it down. So, I went from not being a piano participant to being a piano participant that performs a music. So, I’ve shifted my id but I set a objective and I knew I might have a commitment, undergo the four levels of studying, advised different individuals about it so I was held accountable. And I’m now reworking to a better version of myself, which is to be able to play the piano. I simply consider you can do that in any a part of your life. In my e-book, I give you the five steps.

However it’s actually so simple as figuring out you at your lower self, which all of us have the place we eat these chips and we watch Netflix and we drink and we gamble or no matter we do to the higher self and saying I’ll go to there. I’ll lease some area but I actually need to reside over right here. This is the part that I’m buying.

Jaime: How far do you might want to go? So, I set a objective to study Native American flute because that’s fascinating. And I discovered six songs. And I hit my aim and now, it kind of sits there and doesn’t actually do anything as a result of I need to do the whole lot. And I feel like we will but we simply need sufficient time. So, how do I prioritize coming back to stuff or what goes the place as a result of I need to be playful, too? I’m an entrepreneur that desires every part proper now.

Rock: Yes. There are a couple of issues. 1) Is, I feel, whenever you journal at night time, you possibly can ask yourself a question. What do I would like? What do I actually need? And see when you get some readability there. We additionally train individuals to take this little course, I feel it’s a few hundred bucks, referred to as Sacred Presents. A good friend of mine teaches it. And it takes you through – it’s the superior type of high degree type of the disk mannequin or behavioral evaluation Myers Briggs. Nevertheless it offers together with your God given skills. As an example, I’ve the expertise, which you in all probability have also, which is around information and wisdom, which is a thirst for it all over the place I’m going.

You’ll catch me many occasions sitting in my front room watching a film with pen and paper in my hand for the whole movie as a result of I’m in search of the one nugget of what’s the lesson that I get. Oh, yeah, in Finding Nemo, he went from that little area out into the ocean. I can use that as a metaphor and tell individuals where are you going out into the ocean. Look what happens. What are you missing? You don’t know what you don’t know. And I’m like sure, that’s so good. So, I get enthusiastic about that as a result of I’ve obtained a thirst for information. However I even have this sensible counsel, which is that this want to teach and to guide individuals.
But what I don’t have is the present of administration. So, when papers come around me, they grow to be the Bermuda Triangle. I lose shit. It’s simply unimaginable. I don’t understand how I do it. I don’t eat it however it just disappears. So, that’s why I’ve several assistants because they set every part up for me because I’ve totally different skills. So, I’d say that may be an amazing factor for you to know is know what are your skills. And perhaps you’ve gotten the talent of music otherwise you don’t. However perhaps you’ve the skills of hospitality otherwise you don’t or craftsmanship.

And then, if you lean into these like once I play the piano, oh my gosh, an hour and a half can go by and I’m in heaven. And I’m doing scales. I’m doing scales and I’m okay with it. So, who would have recognized? I’m 56 years previous. What did I wait so long for?

Jaime: I’m laughing hysterically as a result of I was made, not made, however I took piano classes as a child and I simply keep in mind being like I hate this, this is not enjoyable. However my mother and father obtained me a piano and now, I’ve to use it. So, I was utterly the other. But that’s your entire point is it’s a must to actually find out what actually provides you that move state and do more of that, lean into extra of that.

Rock: Yes. That’s 100 %, you stated it.

Jaime: How have you learnt whenever you’re in circulate? I know we’ve acquired that entire caveat of time goes to nothingness. However I feel like there are nuances to this, too. Do you find nuances to stream?

Rock: Yeah. I might learn The Rise of Superman is a superb guide that talks quite a bit about that. I’d say undoubtedly time gets warped for positive. There’s a way of lightness for me where I’m not apprehensive about things. I’m not occupied with things. I’m virtually not considering. I’m consciously free versus we spend a lot time considering, Jaime, as entrepreneurs. We’re considering, making an attempt to drawback remedy earlier than it happens, and so forth. We’re in our head and in your head, you’re lifeless. So, whenever you’re free and also you’re in that coronary heart that you simply’re more childlike and also you’re extra artistic and playful, all of those items, I feel, contribute to it.

Jaime: So, I do this in portray and stuff. What’s troublesome for me is to attempt to convey it in some other place. I’m an overthinker. I’m such an overthinker and I’ve received ADD and all types of craziness happening. And I do know it’s not essentially useful. And once I’m working with drawback solving, I really like that, too. Nevertheless it goes down the path of fear typically or it goes down the contingency plan upon contingency plan. Do you assume you will get into a circulate state whenever you’re in that? Or do you are feeling prefer it needs to be just like the escape and out of your head piece?

Rock: No, I feel you’re right. I feel you may be in a movement state. I get in circulate state typically once I’m searching over the horizon, constructing a enterprise, and considering what are all the potential contingency plans and issues that I put together. And I get enthusiastic about that as a result of I’m like, okay, as a pacesetter of this organization, I’m going to think about the whole lot that would probably happen. And then, when the hearth burns or that huge disaster occurs, I’m like all proper, I’m prepared for that. So, I get enthusiastic about that as nicely. I feel it’s a really nice distinction.

However I’d also say that what I’m extra open to now’s working on a better degree of trusting the universe type of just like the Surrender Experiment or the Untethered Soul is how can I permit myself to be guided and be more related with the creator so that I don’t need to do all of that considering. That I’m simply led to these answers if that is sensible.

Jaime: I am right there with you. I need to have Michael Singer on the podcast. So, anyone that doesn’t know what Untethered Soul is or Give up Experiment, superb books. Superb books that you must take a look at for positive also. Let me ask you this although. You seem so passionate and so energized identical to Tony Robbins. Basically, what do you do for that? As a result of I’m positive the entrepreneurs listening are like he’s totally different. He simply has boundless power. He can do the whole lot. In fact, he can get right into a circulate state. He’s not making an attempt to cope with this, that, and the other thing like I am. So, give us some recommendations on how we will truly do this.

Rock: So, Rule No. 9 in my ebook is nothing has which means but the which means that you simply give it. And I’ve grow to be a grasp, I consider, if I can so humbly say, is I exploit what’s round me. The other day, I used to be on the airport and the flight received delayed. And you hear the announcement that the flight is delayed two hours and also you’ve obtained to vary gate. And I simply watched the individuals as a result of I’m a individuals watcher. And I’m watching to see how individuals respond to things. And you may see individuals stoop and individuals are like oh, no, and other people start to get their telephone desirous about all the things which are going to cause ache of their life.

I stood up and I’m going, “Yes, I’m wondering who I’m going to satisfy.” And I stated, “There’s acquired to be a purpose for this flight delay and I’m going to make it serve me.” So, I rise up, I start strolling down the path and who do I bump into but John Aserath.

Jaime: Really?

Rock: So, these people who don’t know John Aserath, he was on The Secret. He’s sort of like certainly one of us. He’s a man who’s into utterly neuroscience and all of that type of factor. So, I stroll instantly up to him with certainty. I had never met him earlier than. And I stated, “John, we have been supposed to satisfy. I can’t consider it happened.” And he’s like, “We have been? Great. And you’re?” And I’m like, “Rock Thomas.” And he goes, “Properly, so great to satisfy you. Listed here are my two sons.” And we started this conversation. He gave me a replica of his guide. I had him on my podcast and it was superior.

So, individuals are like how do you’ve power? I choose, not all the time, I have my downs and frustrations and get pissed off and dissatisfied. The two emotions I’m engaged on most are pissed off and disappointment because I wish to assume I have excessive requirements. But for probably the most half, if I hit the golf ball within the woods, I’m like yes, a chance to discover ways to hit it out of the woods. Perhaps I’ll discover 5 more balls there. That’s cool. So, I’m making an attempt to say can I modify what simply occurred. No. Do I need to surrender my happiness as a result of I wanted it was one other approach? Nicely, that might be stupid.

The truth is, I don’t even like that word want. I feel it’s a ineffective phrase principally. I can’t consider perhaps a great – perhaps I want I used to be with my liked one and I wish I used to be with my youngsters here perhaps. But even then, it’s not resourceful. It’s not coming from a spot of risk. It’s coming from a place of wishing things have been totally different. So, how do I hold my power up? For probably the most half, no matter what’s occurring I’m on the lookout for the lesson, the present, how I can utilize that state of affairs. And belief me, I’ve had loads of conditions that have not been the best way I needed them to. I’ve used it as the hero’s journey. If I might defy all of this – it’s like Tom Brady is one in every of my heroes.

When considered one of his nice receivers goes down, there’s this shoulder droop and walk again to the huddle and take a look at his coach and go, okay, we’re screwed now. I’m out. Can’t you guys stay healthy? No. He seems to be at it and he goes, “How do I step up? This is a chance for me to be a hero.” I try to embody that as much as attainable.

Jaime: How do you practice – as a result of we had a guy come on the present beforehand who talked concerning the awareness aspect. So, you’re conscious of your unfavorable thoughts or no matter. And then, after that reality, it appears really annoying as a result of now, you just know that you simply’re crappy in your head. So, from there, how do you practice your self to shift so that you’re every time on the lookout for the present?

Rock: So, you actually do need to know the steps of I feel they name it trauma or shock. The very first thing is you’re in a state of shock. You get a ticket. The police officer pulls you over. You’ve an accident, the deal doesn’t undergo. The very first thing you do is you go, “I can’t consider this. I used to be simply driving to work minding my very own business and I’m getting pulled over. Are you kidding me at 10:00 in the morning?” You’re in shock. The second factor is you get indignant. The police officer comes up and also you go, “Officer, I’m just on my option to work. It’s 10:00. I’m an excellent citizen. Actually? Get after the blokes with the medicine. What are you speaking about?”

I’m pissed, proper. So, you start to try this. And you start the third stage is negotiate. So, you’re making an attempt to barter out of it. You plead with God or whoever however you’re employed on that. Then, you get the unhappiness when the police officer goes, “Hey, pay attention, quiet or I’ll offer you another ticket. I feel your plates are out of this or you have got a burnt mild.” And you comply with the unhappiness. He comes back and it’s $120.00 or no matter. And ultimately, a day later, an hour later, every week later, a month later, you get into acceptance. So, my objective is to not deny the emotion as a result of I feel when you push it down, you develop illness or dis-ease is to process via it shortly.

And the best way I do that’s I ask myself this question. What’s great about this? And your brain initially will say nicely, there’s nothing great about getting a ticket. You would have used that $120.00 to take your woman out for a lovely dinner. Like what? So, you must trick your mind. You must go previous the initial answer that the typical individual will take a look at and also you go what might be nice about this. And what’s fascinating about that, Jaime is that the brain is a superb slave and a terrible master. So, for those who ask it questions it needs or why am I such a loser, nicely, due to X, Y, Z, you’re pizza face, you’ll be able to’t converse.

Or why is it so easy for me to make $100,00zero.00 a yr? Since you’re an opportunist. You’re taking large action. So, what might be nice about this? Properly, what could possibly be nice about this is it’s an ideal warning. Perhaps I was texting a bit of bit and not wanting at the velocity while I used to be taking a look at my telephone. Disgrace on you, Rock. Someday that would actually be critical. That is truly a gift. This can be a blessing. This can be a reminder that there are things that I might do which are higher. Thanks. I’m so grateful. So, $120.00 to save lots of my life, that is superb. It’s awesome. I feel so excited and so fortunate.

Thanks, thank you, thank you. And once I was 40 years previous, I misplaced all of my hair to alopecia. After which, individuals thought that I was dying of cancer. And other people have been saying are you okay and I had clumps falling out and I was freaking out. And I used the identical strategy of what’s nice about this once I came upon that it was an autoimmune disease and it didn’t have an effect on another part of my physique. And I stated what’s great about this. And I stated, “I’ll never have another dangerous hair day in my life. That’s superior. I don’t have to make use of shampoo and get my hair reduce. I get monetary savings.” So, now I’m going to Massage Envy once a month and I get a message totally free. Because of alopecia. Yeah, child.

So, nothing has which means however the which means we give it. And the device is to ask yourself what’s great about this or what could possibly be great about this if your thoughts shouldn’t be prepared to be so artistic until you find the lesson, the silver lining, otherwise you’re capable of giggle about it.

Jaime: Do you could have a trigger to ask those inner questions? Because I really like the thought of getting better inner questions. The issue is how do you keep in mind to recollect the questions or ask higher questions?

Rock: I really like the questions you’re asking, by the best way, as a result of it just exhibits me how much work you’ve completed in private improvement since you’re peeling again a layer and peeling again a layer. And lots of people are like oh, that feels like a good idea. But how do you truly provoke the conduct, which is an outstanding query because typically, I discover myself not doing it? And I’m like why didn’t you simply go there immediately?

Jaime: That’s why I asked the question.

Rock: Yeah, precisely. So, I feel it’s a muscle like anything. And your setting will evoke it. So, typically, I don’t go there and my youngsters or individuals around me are like, “Nicely, Rock, why don’t you ask yourself what’s nice about this?” And I’ll be like, “I’ll inform you what’s great about this.” But I feel that it’s the habit, it’s the journaling, it’s the routines, it’s wanting again and going oh, my God, I used to be pissed off for 4 hours after that ticket once I might have snapped out of it instantly. So, at the finish of the night time, I ask myself what did I study, what did I do this was a hit, what was great, the place can I enhance.

It’s that consciousness that folks don’t do. They fall asleep watching TV or taking a look at their telephone or You Tube they usually by no means capture the training. [Audio interference]. Sports activities teams will assessment the They’ll assessment the week. They’ll assessment the game or the so I do this on the finish of the day. And I feel that helps me get higher incrementally. And also you stack and pack that over time and also you create a brand new definition of your self.

Jaime: I really like this. I need to have you ever again on the show. The little nuances of peeling away are my favorite elements of all of this as a result of everyone – not everyone however numerous individuals which might be going by means of private improvement go through this. And it’s exhausting to know just by studying a ebook to go, okay, that is sensible. However once I’m truly dwelling life and having youngsters and screaming things, it’s more durable to do some of these items that the authors that inform you what to do say.

Rock: A hundred percent.

Jaime: And thank goodness we’ve got individuals like you that may admit that it’s type of robust on everyone’s aspect and you’re allowed to get pissed typically, too, because we’re human.

Rock: Yes, 100 %.

Jaime: I really like this. I do know we now have to start out wrapping up. So, I’m going to ask you the final question. However before I ask the final query, one of many issues that you simply have been talking about before is you run master thoughts teams. Are you able to tell me the – I run master mind groups. I’m actually curious concerning the formats and the way you decided to run it.

Rock: So, six years in the past, I met a very cool guy named David Osbourne, and he had some actually cool buddies. Lengthy story brief, we obtained collectively and we had an idea of hanging out doing physical activities in the course of the day because males join higher by means of physical activities. Meditating, yoga within the morning after which, at night time time, talking about how we might make our lives better, success, business, health, and so on., the whole lot. And the formulation labored rather well. We jammed it collectively. We started off with males only. And it’s morphed into couples and males, and so on.

And we had an entry degree of millionaire status because we needed individuals to be able to go on actually exotic journeys like Norway and Japan and issues like that. So, for those who don’t have cash, you don’t have time, you’ll be able to’t do stuff. [Audio interference] have been hungry and needed to develop into . But if we have been prepared to share with them what we had discovered and a bit bit of our networks and our contacts, as an alternative of taking 20 years prefer it took with me or a few of us turn into millionaires, lose it, millionaires, lose it as a result of construction to protect it.

So, I started to teach individuals. Here is how I did it and here’s how you are able to do it. Here’s the distinction between vertical revenue and horizontal revenue. If you want to write a guide, right here’s how you can do it. And everyone has a e-book in them. If you want to promote product on-line, speak to this guy. He’s really successful at it. If you wish to do Airbnb, this guy has a course for $1,200.00. I took it and I made $168,00zero.00 last yr Airbnbing my very own private house whereas I was traveling. Cool or cool? Yes. So, I introduced them to your community creates your community creates your internet value.

So, we actually have a 12 month program where we give individuals – we train them self-mastery, wealth mastery, management, and leverage in 12 months. It’s an ecosystem that keeps them within the guard rails of success. And then, by the point they get to the top, they’ve either turn out to be a millionaire or they’ve had large transformation. They usually enter our graduate program, which is one other three years the place they really discover ways to develop into coaches, academics, and provides again.

Jaime: That’s awesome. The guard rails of success. I simply picture the bumpers from bowling, right?

Rock: Oh, I really like your brain.

Jaime: Now, I have to ask the final question however I really like that you simply love my brain. This is superb. What is one action and I know in your area of expertise, it stated taking action, which I really like and I didn’t also have a probability to ask you about that, but what is one motion listeners can take this week to assist move them ahead in the direction of their objective of one million?

Rock: So, once I was eight or 9, I grew up in a home with no TV. And I might say that the factor that caught with me is to do what you worry and it will disappear. So, all by means of my life, I’ve stated sure to things which are scary for me including as soon as I used to be walking in the direction of a tennis courtroom and there was this cute woman that I assumed it will be nice to ask her out on a date. However then, butterflies inside, pizza face jumped up, my id, my worry, I don’t know what to say. And then, I remembered to do what you worry and it’ll disappear. And I began walking in the direction of her. And then, as I’m walking in the direction of her, individuals began to return up.

She was checking individuals in for tennis. I’m like oh, nice, now I’m going to ask her out and these individuals are going to snicker at me and I’m going to be embarrassed even worse. My brain was freaking out. Nevertheless it’s doing what you worry and it will disappear. Do what you worry and it will disappear. I walk up and I don’t know what I’m going to say and I get to her and I’m going, “Bond, James Bond.” And she or he cracks up. Nevertheless, she observed one thing in me that I need to invite all your listeners to go and summon. And it’s a small little word that has a huge impact on all of our lives. And it’s referred to as braveness.

And she or he saw courage in me. She goes he’s an fool, he’s a fool however he’s brave. And that’s a horny attribute for everyone. So, I might invite individuals to call on that courage and encompass yourself with individuals which might be prepared to place braveness in you. And have you learnt what we call that? Folks that encourage you. And when you have got individuals around you that encourage you, what they’re reminding you to do is to take motion regardless of your worry, your doubt, or your worry. After which, you develop and also you broaden. And should you reside in that place, life shall be thrilling.

Jaime: Oh, my gosh. This hits – my 12-year-old son advised his first woman crush that he appreciated her yesterday. And so, I do know. And I had a crush on someone for 3 years in highschool and I by no means talked to him ever as soon as. So, please heed Rock’s info. I wish I was more brave. I want, wish, wish. And all we will do is begin now so please, heed his recommendation. Encourage others and actually take braveness for your self. I really like that. Where can we find more about you, your master minds, the whole lot that you simply’re doing online?

Rock: You’ll be able to go there and get a free copy of my ebook, The Energy of Your Id and begin to redefine yourself and take the action steps. I’ll walk you through it and provide the nine alternative ways to romance your greater self. And you may also go to and study our grasp thoughts or and study our men’s master thoughts and on social media in all places @rockthomas.

Jaime: I adore it. Thanks a lot for coming on the show at this time.

Rock: My pleasure. It was a treat.

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